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MAY 2016

The Windmill Weapon Matron

The Windmill Weapon Matron was built on May 12, 2016 and exhibited on June 3, 2016 as part of The New School's Social Justice exhibition with The Bushwick Collective. Materials include sawhorse, lumber, construction materials, spray paint, house paint, afghans, weapons, bicycle parts, yarn, plaster, terra cotta, chain. She is 90h x 53w x 45d.

She is a dangerous female machine expressing an active stance and aggressive posture. She no longer identifies as passive and has most recently emerged as an international threat. 


Based on a jumbled compilation of afghans, defunct bicycle parts, weapons, lumber, and chain her biographical narrative has been holographically reconfigured into a destructive biological machine made of woman’s time. While The Windmill Weapon Matron acknowledges her destructive approach as a natural response to her capacity for childbirth, she hesitates to dichotomize the two simply saying “Come, let me destroy you.” 


Utilizing a process of defiance The Windmill Weapon Matron has successfully developed a system capable of transforming eye-rolling, financial aid application trauma, stuffed animal over population, and hair pulling as well as other sensory input bull shit into a clean, renewable, and sustainable energy source for mothers.

Nobody will lend her a chainsaw

It is safe to breed with her

She makes a mockery of science

Her system is nervous

Her face is spinning

When she was a virgin politicians killed and ate her

She is secular 

Her system has calcified

She loves The Antichrist

She birthed a female bastard

She wan’t trained up the way she should go

The system tries to destroy her

She has nothing to depart from

Rabbits fear her

She has been relieved of advantage

Her system is unkillable

N I N A  A. I S A B E L L E 

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