Performance by Nina Isabelle & Amelia Iaia

Para\\el Performance Space

Brooklyn, NY

March 23, 2019

English fails at describing the location of abstractions in relationship to the human body. Identifying such things is challenging and understanding our proximities to both physical and abstract structures or concepts is often merely a murky smudge within our perceptive fields and abilities. Recognizing how perceptions transition from one "place" to another requires deep inquiry into the question of how we arrive at sensing or knowing anything. 


Prepositions are words that describe the location of things in relationship to other things. While the English language has more than a million words to describe both subjects and objects, there are only150 prepositions, most of which fail when put up against or in combination with abstract nouns and concepts. 


To illustrate this problem, and simultaneously search for possible solutions, we generated a random list of prepositions paired with abstract nouns and verbs to determine 150 phrases that were used to produce an audio arrangement, interactive objects, a set of gestures, and finally a public performance as a way to illuminate the intangibleness of our language and perception situation. 

N I N A  A. I S A B E L L E